Yup, I created the website for Blewetts of Hayle, Cornwall. [link]

Well this website was super simple but exactly what Heather and Brian requested.

I really wanted to add some ‘wow’ due to everything else being so minimal so I animated a scene. You may not have noticed but we have Summer and Winter scenes.

In the Winter it displays the snowscene and in Summer it’s sunny.

Heather and Brian have had so many complimentary comments about their website and we are very proud of that.

If you think I can help you with making an impact online it would be great to hear from you.

Thank you,


Blewetts of Hayle (hayletoyshop.co.uk) can be described as a classic toy shop.

The shop is stacked high with stock and has all the famous and wanton brands that children (and older!) are wanting to find.

Blewetts of Hayle can really be trusted as a one-stop-shop for getting all your kids Christmas presents. It really is and is to many!

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