My old friend Dave Wright was setting up a new enterprise offering Bush craft courses and wild camping on his property in mid Cornwall. He obviously needed a website and knew where to come.

Dave is a very technical guy and is a computer network professional so able to host his own website and keep it secure.

Funnily, it was Dave that introduced me to the internet in 1995 and I have him to thank for my career ever since. He even suggested that I get into website design back then.

The Wild Woodlands website is a standard WordPress website and is able to offer all the typical information potential visitors might require. Course dates and availability, equipment suggestions, camping options and the ability to book online are what you’d expect to find and what will be available as Wild Woodlands gets ever closer to launch.

Dave has some great photos and ideas for the site and this is all still in progress as is the website. Having the website live in advance of the launch of the business enables Google to start its ranking, but also for potential visitors to keep abreast of the happenings at Wild Woodlands and follow its progress towards opening.

The Wild Woodlands website is gorgeous and will only get more so as Dave and his team are able to upload photos of their preparations. You’ll already find photos on the website, and on the Wild Woodlands Instagram page, of private events and local Scout camp-outs that offer a sample of what will be in store for future visitors.

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